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Welcome to my little corner of the fashion world! I am so glad you are here. I'm a high school English and Journalism teacher who moonlights as a fashionista! Other than my love of all things fashion, I'm a city girl who loves her husband, family, friends and two adorable chihuahuas. Thanks for stopping by!
~ Monday, July 21 ~

Life Lately…

Hello?  Is anyone still out there?!  I know it has been a while since I’ve checked in, and I do miss place.  Life has just been happening so darn fast… 

School.  So darn busy.  I’m taking three total classes this summer and it is taking up A LOT of my free time (which is hard to come by to begin with).  Classes are good, I’m really invested, so actually enjoying them, and I’ve just started looking into job vacancies where I can put all my new knowledge to use.  My goal is by June 2015 to be full-time working in my new field.  I can’t believe this career change, which I spent so much time contemplating, is actually in the midst of happening and becoming a reality.   

Family.  Other than growing in my career, we are also growing in our little family, as Conor is going to become a BIG BROTHER in December!  We are thrilled Conor will have a little brother so close in age.   I still can’t believe we will have two BOYS under two for a short time; things are certainly going to get downright crazy around here.  

Pregnancy (Round 2).  Now that I’m a few of weeks into my second trimester, I’m starting to get a bit of my energy back.  I remember being tired the first time around, but what I’ve been feeling up until very recently has been absolutely crippling fatigue.  Hopefully the worst of it is over, and thank goodness for the help I’ve had with Conor these past couple of months, because that little guy slows down for nothing and no one.  

Anxiety.  I’m not very open with my struggles, but anxiety/depression is something I have dealt with for 16+ years now, and with the help of medications, therapy, and support, I have been able to enjoy life tremendously.  While pregnant with Conor, I chose to go off all medications and try to deal with my struggles “on my own” (under the close supervision of my mother/therapist).  It was a very trying time, and with the declining health of one of my beloved dogs, compounded with the stresses of becoming a first time mom, it was one of the most challenging times of my life.  I made the decision, when I found out I was again pregnant, to carefully ween off medication this time as well (still carefully monitored by mom/therapist).  I’m finding it a bit easier this time around, maybe because I know what to expect, maybe because I’m willing myself to think positively, maybe because I have a really happy toddler who keeps me VERY busy.  Maybe it’s a combination of all those things, but so far so good!

Conor.  This guy is just the greatest, happiest, craziest kid around.  He’s practically a grown up.  We are spending the summer exploring and have been having lots of fun.  Most warm weather afternoon are spent at the pool, and Conor is becoming quite the little fish.  

Summer.  Overall, this summer has been a pretty good one.  I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with family and many friends, and even relax a little bit in the evenings, when I’m not working on school related stuff, while overindulging in watermelon sorbet.  Four weeks left until it’s back to work, so I plan to make the most of it.  

All of YOU.  Thanks for sticking around.  I miss you guys!

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~ Wednesday, May 28 ~


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~ Saturday, May 24 ~
Voicing his long list of complaints during his 1st haircut.   (at Cool Cuts )

Voicing his long list of complaints during his 1st haircut. (at Cool Cuts )

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~ Tuesday, May 20 ~

Weekend in Boston

I had never been to Boston, so when I found out six of seven months ago that I would be attending a wedding out there, I was excited.  

Excited because I’d never been, but more importantly, it meant the opportunity to finally meet Christina!  I messaged her a few months back to ask if she’d be available for lunch or a drink and was thrilled to find out she’d be around this past weekend.

Meeting up with Christina was awesome!  Definite highlight of my weekend.  We had lunch near my hotel, at McCormick & Schmick’s, and talked about everything from her amazing gladiator sandals to our mutual love of Hart of Dixie.  

I’m glad to call her an RL friend now, and cannot wait until she visits Chicago!  


After our lunch, I headed to meet Jeff to do a few touristy things.  First on my list was Cheers!  


We also got to see the Boston Marathon finish line on our long walk around town, and I had the best root beer float from an ice cream truck by the park in Boston Common.  This was my first time leaving my little guy over night, and I was a little emotional before we left, so we even picked up a cute little Red Sox hat for Conor as a souvenir.    I would have loved to attend an actual Red Sox game, but we had the rehearsal dinner that evening. 

Sunday morning I had the most amazing breakfast sandwich ever from Mike and Patty’s, then walked over to Drybar for a blowout.   Oh, what I would do for someone to blowout my hair on the regular…

Jeff and I cleaned up all right for the wedding that afternoon/evening and had a fun time.  


I wore a gorgeous Temperley London dress (via RTR), and paired it with a crystal Bauble Bar necklace, my grey suede Manolo BBs, and favorite YSL clutch. 

(Sidenote- I didn’t even have to pay for my rental because my original choice was ripped upon return, so I had to quickly choose another dress under pressure.) 

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend.  And, I did better than I thought I would leaving Conor for the first time, but I sure was excited to see my guy upon returning yesterday!

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~ Sunday, May 18 ~
So maybe that’s not entirely true… (at Drybar)

So maybe that’s not entirely true… (at Drybar)

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~ Saturday, May 17 ~
The last 6 times I’ve flown I’ve have a small child on my lap, so this is quite a bit different.  See you soon East Coast and @christinaconnors!!

The last 6 times I’ve flown I’ve have a small child on my lap, so this is quite a bit different. See you soon East Coast and @christinaconnors!!

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~ Thursday, May 15 ~
Oh my everything.  This Chanel look is what dreams are made of.

Oh my everything.  This Chanel look is what dreams are made of.


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~ Saturday, May 10 ~
Every day is Dre Day.

Every day is Dre Day.

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~ Thursday, May 8 ~

Lately, in photos

I finally have a little time (well, one week at least) to breathe now that I officially finished my first class!   Ironically, I have a killer spring cold that  is obstructing my breathing today.  

Not too much excitement going on over here, just glad that spring has decided to make an appearance, and it actually looks like it might stick around awhile.  

Last weekend we attended a fabulously fun Kentucky Derby Party.  My very first, actually.  I’ve been wanting to dress up and go to a legit Derby Party ever since I can remember.  When I used to bartend at Wrigley Field as a fun side job, there was always a big series the weekend of the Derby, so any potential plans were immediately squashed.  I’m glad I was able to finally fulfill my Derby Party desire.  For the occasion, I wore a 3.1 Phillip Lim (for Target) dress with an amazing hat/headband I found on Amazon.  Jeff and Conor appropriately sported some Polo gear.   I’m grateful we were able to get a photo where all three of us are looking directly at the camera at the same time.  



Mini happenings… on Monday I was excited to sit down with some bubbly and enjoy a live stream of the greatest night in fashion, only to find there was no live stream this year.  Thus, I spent the night following along on social media (Fave- Karolina Kurkova who killed it in Marchesa) 

I don’t often wear heels to work, but with spring in the air, I decided to sport my new floral pumps today.  Seeing I gravitate toward lots of black on top, these are the perfect addition to just about any outfit.  

Finally, my dinner last night, leftover deep dish, didn’t exactly make up for having to miss out on dinner with friends, but it did help a tiny bit.

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~ Thursday, May 1 ~



And by please be good, I mean, you can do better than 44 degrees and rainy on May 1st, Chicago!!

Things I am looking forward to this month…

  • My backyard tulips blooming
  • Starting my next class, which means one step closer to done.
  • Bright white floral pumps
  • Firing up the grill often
  • Evening walks with Atticus
  • Juicier mangoes; juicier strawberries!
  • Serious Derby Party dress-up
  • Mother’s Day with family
  • Weekend trip to Boston (and meeting up with Christina and Julie!)
  • My first Soul Cycle class
  • Memorial Day weekend- pool opens!
  • Sangria
  • Summer, summer, summertime!!!

Happy May!

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~ Tuesday, April 22 ~

Holiday Weekend


We had a nice little holiday weekend over here, celebrating both Passover and Easter.  

On Thursday, Conor’s first Easter egg coloring went exactly as planned, with cups of dye being spilled EVERYWHERE.   Friday was for an outdoor afternoon date with my sister at Oak Brook followed by stuffed spinach pizza on the couch.

Saturday we celebrated Passover (albeit a few days late) in the city, with an amazing brisket, matzo ball soup, and a few glasses of Kosher red.   

Sunday we woke up to the most gorgeous day we’ve seen in quite some time.  Conor loved his Easter basket, and new Little Tikes Grill, while Atticus chased bubbles in the backyard.  We spent the afternoon having Easter brunch with my family and enjoying the perfect weather.  

There are not many weekends we get to spend quality time with both of our families, and for that I am grateful. 

I love Easter weekend, it’s like a rebirth or sorts after a long, long winter.

Hope your holiday was wonderful. 

(Family photo 4/20/14)

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~ Thursday, April 17 ~

Thursday Funk

Thank goodness today is my Friday, because I’m not sure I’d make it through another work day tomorrow.

  • Forgot to put on ALL my jewelry- you know the feeling I’m talking about
  • Coffee spillage on my teal blouse
  • I’ve worn my Yosi Samra flats through to the ground at work, and just noticed the significant hole coming through on the bottom.
  • In short, I am a bit of a wreck this morning.

Then things got really strange… 

  • There is currently an Amber Alert out in the Chicago area for a mother who allegedly abducted her two sons.  Turns out this mother was my childhood best friend, from infancy to 4th grade, when we moved.  Haven’t spoken to her in years and years, but WOW.  So sad; I’m really praying that everyone is found safe.   

On a lighter note…

  • SCANDEL tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Also, all the wine

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~ Monday, April 7 ~

More Musings

  • When we had some drama with the installation of a new TV a couple of months back, Best Buy kindly sent us some gift cards to make up for their error.  I went ahead and bought myself a FitBit Zip, and so far I’m loving it.  It measures steps, distance and calories, and is so small I’ve been wearing it inside my bra strap.  I have it synced to my phone so it’s easy to see my progress toward my goal each day. 


  • Speaking of counting steps, I really want to attempt to get back out there and start running again, as long as the weather will cooperate.  I’m inspired by all you Tumblr runners out there and look to you for my motivation.  
  • Unpopular opinion?  I have a month left on my Pure Barre membership and have already committed to twice a week classes until then, but really, I can’t wait to be done with it.  I’m kind of bored.      
  • On Saturday night I was excited to head downtown for a much needed night out with my favorite girls.  We dined on Cuban fare at Havana, in River North, where the sangria was going down easy.   Such a great time with my sister, sister-in-law, and my two sister-like friends.  I love this picture, as it is actually my full bridal party and I love that we are all so close.   These are my people.image
  • Yesterday, we celebrated my dad’s birthday with a pizza party for the records books.  Not in the amount of people in attendance (eight), but the number of pizzas ordered and subsequently consumed.  
  • Lots of studying on the agenda for this week, but looking forward to Moms/Book/Wine Club tonight at Kinmont to start the week off right!
  • In closing, oh hey, allergies…GTFO. 

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A Win for the Burbs

Jeff was out of town this weekend for his annual guys trip to Lexington, KY, to bet on the horses at Keeneland, so it was a Mom and Conor weekend Friday and Saturday.  

We live three blocks from our local public library, but had yet to check it out.  I decided to make attempt this as our Friday night activity, just to get out of the house, because it was, of course, COLD again.  It was better than I imagined. They had puzzles, blocks, games, a fish tank, and of course hundreds of books to throw on the ground!  


I expected we’d make it 15 minutes before he became bored or loud.  To my surprise, Conor was completely content for a whole 90 minutes and didn’t make a peep, playing with every puzzle and even a couple of other toddlers. He didn’t want to leave.

I’m still navigating this whole suburban living (and mom) thing, but this little discovery was definitely a win.  

Another personal win later that evening in the form of a frozen pizza, cheap bottle of red, and Scandel on the couch.  

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~ Thursday, April 3 ~

If you happen to be on the jumpsuit train, as I have been for sometime, I can’t recommend this casual Splendid number enough.  I purchased this for vacation, and was almost positive it would end up going back, as I was certain it would not be flattering on.  

Turns out, not only is it incredibly flattering, it is OH so comfortable.  I wore it to the zoo with a jean jacket thrown over and also lounged around in it during downtime.  

I plan on living in it this summer (should it ever get above 80 degrees).  

Splendid Jumpsuit (via Bloomingdales)

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